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Our Products
Flintlock Firearms

Only the finest contemporary components are used to build the firearms sold here. Each gun is thoroughly researched by me and/or the maker for authentic styling. All are guaranteed by the maker or manufacturer of the component.

Shipping Charges: E-mail your zip code for an estimate of shipping costs.

Layaway: Time payment sales may be arranged at the most liberal of terms. No interest charged. Please inquire.

Additional photos of any gun are availiable upon request.

Horn Products

From deluxe "Golden Age" powder horns to rum horns and horn cups, each piece is hand made by a craftsman with 40 years experience. Custom orders are available.

Knives, Edged Weapons and Tools

Custom scabbards or cases can be made for any item shown. Please inquire about styles and prices.

Colonial & Old West Leather Goods

In-stock items are shown for immediate sale. Custom orders are a specialty. Commercial experience since 1988.

  • Black Powder Shooting Bags
  • Old West Holsters, Gunbelts, Etc.
  • Knife Scabbards
  • Belt Axe Cases
  • "Frogs" And Baldrics
  • Wallets And Journal Covers

If you have a picture or drawing, it can be made in leather.

Woven Sashes, Garters, Horn Straps & Longgun Slings

All woven items are made of 100% wool in all natural dye colors. Leather bound horn straps or rifle and fowler slings may be made to accommodate your needs.


New and used Books. Novels, classics, scholarly works, cook books, gun books, books on colonial restorations, historic sites, and Early American houses. Hundreds in inventory, too numerous for a full list; all of interest to the living historian and re-enactor. Click on the link for selected titles that are ready for immediate sale. Your want lists cheerfully accepted.

Delft Tiles

The distinctive blue and white or polychrome (multi colored) ceramic tiles from the kilns of the Delft region of Holland have been imported to North America since the days of the Dutch Colony of New Amsterdam in the 17th century. After the English took over and renamed it New York, the Dutch traders still imported Delftware for use in the homes of New York and the eastern Colonies.

These ceramic tiles are hand painted reproductions of 17th and 18th century patterns (many are dated) that were used for wall coverings, fireplace surrounds, and other decorations since those days. All tiles are imported from Holland.

  • Occupation Tiles - Each tile is 6"x6" (15cm sq.)
  • Landscape and Still-Life Scenes - Each tile is 6"x6" (15cm sq.)
  • Transfer Ware Scenes - Transfers were used on ceramic pieces and tiles since the last half of the 18th century. These tiles are offered in polychrome designs. Each tile is 6"x6" (15cm sq.)
  • Special Order Tiles - 6"x6" Sizes are listed in the descriptions. Prices may vary depending on the current european exchange rate. Allow several weeks for delivery. Additional patterns are available, please inquire. Each tile is 6"x6" (15cm sq.)

Springerle Cookie Molds

These old world style molds are the secret to creating the elaborate cookies known as Springerle. For centuries, European bakers have molded Springerle with these hand carved molds. The ornate cookies were then used for holidays and special occasions.

Our molds are reproductions of antiques from Switzerland and Germany. Many early American restorations display Springerle molds in their kitchen collections.

These modern molds have the look of antique wood but are made of natural materials mixed with resins so they may be safely used and thoroughly cleaned.

Many customers also display their Springerle molds as wall decorations.

Each mold comes with one traditional recipe for springerle.

Folk Pottery

All pottery sold on this site is made with lead-free glaze. It is safe for all uses and are patterns of the 18th century. These pieces come from the potteries of Colonial Williamsburg or from other talented potters in the U.S.

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