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Product Description Image Price
Kidney Shaped Shooting Bag The bag, as shown sold for $185.00. This is so named to conform with the descriptions in Madison Grant's famous book on Kentucky Rifle Hunting Pouches. However, if we're talking organs here, this looks more like an oversized stomach than a kidney. But, it wouldn't do to call this a "beer belly" bag, would it? It is made of oak tanned cow hide, oiled and dyed, measures 9 1/2" x 9 1/2", has a full canvas ticking lining, 3" gusset, large inside canoe pocket with 2 compartments, an adjustable strap with an old (antique?) harness buckle and bound flap edge. $sample shown
Early Square Shooting Pouch (price as shown was $95.00) Can be made to order. The surviving examples of the earliest bags were all very simple in design. This early style bag is probably the most popular model I make. It is made of oak tanned cowhide, oiled and dyed. It measures 9' wide x 9 1/2" high, has an inside canoe pocket, adjustable strap with a brass harness buckle and fully welted main seam for strength. $sample shown
Two Pocket Shooting Pouch The bag shown sold for $165.00. This is not the "saddle bag" style 2 pocket pouch but rather two large separate compartments in one bag with a 2 3/4" gusset. Additionally it has one large and one small canoe pocket, one in each of the main areas. The throats of each compartment have been rolled over and bound for easy entry. The adjustable shoulder strap is mounted on iron suspension rings and closes with a hand forged iron buckle. Made of oak tanned cowhide, it's oiled and dyed. Sewn with waxed natural linen thread. $sample shown
"D" Shaped Shooting Bag (Price as shown: $125.00) This 9 1/2 wide x 9" high bag has a large front flap, large inside extra "canoe" pocket, adjustable shoulder strap with an old fashioned cast brass buckle and bound mainseam and flap edges. It is made of oak tanned cowhide, oiled and dyed and sewn with waxed natural linen thread. $sample shown
Heart Shaped Shooting Pouch Hunters were said to like heart shaped bags because the shape forced the contents to congregate in the bottom and be less prone to fall out when moving quickly through the woods. This Bag of oak tanned cowhide is oiled and dyed, measures 7" wide x 9 1/2" high, is fully lined with light weight unbleached ticking, has a 2" gusset, a canoe pocket within the main pocket, adjustable strap with a hand forged iron buckle and a bound flap edge. Sewn with waxed naturl linen thread. $sample shown
Cades Cove Bag This is my adaptation of an original early Southern shooting bag once displayed in the Cades Cove Museum at the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. (the original was unlined) This bag has a full length gusset. prices start at $105.00. $sample

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