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ABOUT OUR OLD WEST HOLSTERS AND GUNBELTS Since 1988 I've been researching and making authentic pre 1900 Old West gun leather for the cowboy re-enactor and SASS shooter. Since then I can account for reproducing over 100 variations of holsters that I've seen in museums, private collections or period photos. I've branched out to reproduce the Hollywood gun leather of the "B" westerns of the 1930s and 40s, the fast draw rigs from the TV westerns of the late 50s and the stylized belt and holster sets of the "spaghetti" westerns of the early 70s. All these leather goods are personally designed, hand cut, hand sewn, oiled and dyed to your specifications. True custom work. I've recreated Old West gun rigs for all the single action guns, the cap & ball revolvers of the 1840s to 1860s and even for more modern double action guns. The items you see on the site are available for immediate delivery for the guns specified in the caption. If you need something else, something similar,something for a different gun or of a different size, please inquire either by phone or email. I'll quote a price and estimated time of delivery. Check the catagory periodically as I get to post more items; holsters, gunbelts, bullet loop belt slides, etc, etc.Sorry, At present I no longer have the time to make modern holsters. $
The Sagamore Hill This Mexican Loop style holster is a duplicate of the type used by a young Teddy Roosevelt while he ranched in North Dakota and which now hangs in the gun room of his house "Sagamore Hill" in Oyster Bay, N.Y. In the 1880s this was in popular use in Wyoming and Montana, made by several famous makers. My version is made of 8-9 oz. oak tanned leather. This fits a Ruger Vaquero or Colt SAA with a 4 3/4" barrel. Medium-dark russet color,plain design, right handed. $sample shown
The Camp Verde An Arizona style holster of the 1880s to 90s for a Colt SAA with 4 3/4" barrel. This has border tooling and a separate retainer strap rivited to the holster skirt. Right handed, medium-dark russet color. The original, which accommodated a 7 1/2" gun, was seen in a museum. $sample shown
The Gold Rush Available plain, with single or double borders or carved as shown.This is a classic California "Slim Jim" style holster with a deep recurved throat and square toe. It is copied from originals made in the 1850s and"60s by the Main & Winchester Co. of San Francisco. The example offered for sale is for an 1860 Colt Army revolver with an 8" barrel. It has full early style floral carving and has been wet molded or "jacked" to the gun as was popular in those early times of holster making. Medium Brown color, right handed. Will fit up to 3" waist belts. Similar palin holsters are priced at $55.00 or with border tooling for $60.00 $sample shown
The Dragoon This style was made by the Main & Winchester Co. of San Francisco in the 1850s either as a belt holster or attached to the pouches of "pommel bags" and slung on your saddle. The example shown is for a big Colt Dragoon revolver with 7 1/2" barrel. It has simple incised early "California" style carving and a contrasting tooled toe area. Oiled and dyed black. Right handed. Will fit up to 3" waist belts $sample shown
Fancy 2 Gun "Mexican" Rig This set consists of a gun belt with 24 .44 /.45 cal. bullet loops, border tooling, a "clip point" nickel plated buckle and hundreds of decorative nickel silver dots The belt is adjustable for sizes 38 to 44. The pair of holsters, one neutral cant right handed and one angled right hand cross draw are made to fit a Colt Single Action Army revolver (or modern clone) with 4 3/4" barrels. Each has double border tooling, a soft suede lining, numerous nickel silver dots and a nickel silver Mexican style concha. Additional full size photos of this rig are available upon request. Dark russet color. $350.00
The Miles City 1 A copy of an original from a saddle shop in Miles City, Montana, circa 1880's. With border tooling. For a Colt SAA, Vaquero, or as shown, a Remington 1875 with 7 1/2" barrels. Right handed $Sample shown
The Miles City 2 Another copy of something from the Moran Bros. of Miles City, Montana. This 1880's style Mexican loop holster has double border tooling and a half dozen nickel dots as decoration. For A Colt SAA or any of the "P" frame clones of that gun. 5 1/2" barrel, right handed. $65.00
The Olive Pattern So named for the oval or olive shaped back skirt. This holster has a slight cant for cross dras. Takes a Colt SAA or any of its "P" frame clones. 7 1/2" barrel, right handed. Border tooling. $60.00
The Garrett In his book Cowboy, author David H. Murdoch shows an original holster attributed to Sheriff Pat Garrett from his Lincoln County, New Mexico days when he shot Billy the Kid. For a Colt SAA or "P" frame copy with 7 1/2" barrel. Right handed with border tooling. $Sample shown
The Colorado 1 This design was made in the saddle shop of M.E. French of Montrose, Colorado just after the turn of the 20th century. The holster shown is for a Colt SAA or "P" frame copy with 4 3/4" barrel. Border stamped. Right handed. $sample shown
The Bohlin This is one of my versions of a holster from the golden age of "B" western movies; similar to those coming from the famous shop of Edward H. Bohlin in Hollywood. The holster shown is for a Colt SAA or similar with a 5 1/2" barrel. The pouch has a "fish scale" pattern stamped in. The back skirt was border stamped. A brass harness buckle closes the cross strap. Right handed. $Sample
The Denver Herman H. Heiser's 1915 catalog shows this holster as #713. My version fits a Colt SAA or similar revolver with a 5 1/2" barrel $55.00
The Heiser This is another copy of a creation by Herman H. Heiser of Denver, Colorado. Shown as #410 in his 1915 catalog, This holster is for a Colt SAA or Ruger Vaquero with a 5 1/2" barrel. The main seam has been laced with rawhide just as those from Herman's shop often were (not a standard feature on any of my holsters. You must specify this lacing if you want this on a special order holster). Right handed. $sample shown
Arvo Ojala Style Fast Draw Holster & Belt. "Hollywood Fast Draw Holsters" were designed and manufactured by famous movie gun coach Arvo Ojala and used by most of the TV and movie cowboys of the late 1950's and 1960's. Arvo passed away in July of 2005. In his honor I am offering copies of his work that was called by many the best fast draw holsters ever made. I offer you many options based on this style starting with simple unlined rigs with straight belts at $135 to unlined contoured belts at $160 to fully lined, contoured, single rigs (as shown) for $375. Double rigs are also available. Please contact me for prices. For guns with up to 7 1/2" barrels. Prices reflect belts up to size 44. $sample shown
Arvo Ojala Style "Roughout" One of the variations offered in Hollywood Fast Draw Holsters was a rig made using split grain or "roughout" leather. I offer only fully lined roughout rigs. Because of the extra work in hand sewing these belt and holster sets the price is slightly higher. The single rig shown with a contoured belt and 24 bullet loops is $430.00. Please contact me for prices of other variations. $sample shown
Spaghetti Western Fast draw Holster & Belt. Holster maker Andy Anderson made the "spaghetti western" holster first used by Clint Eastwood. Soon it became popular with many other Hollywood actors. Shown in the photo is a "poor boy" copy of that rig, made without a lining that is priced at $125.00. A fully lined holster and belt set costs $285.00. Roughout sets are priced at $295 with 12 bullet loops like the originals and $325 for 24 handsewn loops. Available with a 5 degree muzzle forward tilt (as shown) or the 15 degree "walk & draw" tilt as Anderson called it. Prices shown are for guns with up to a 7 1/2" barrel and belts up to size 44. $sample shown
"B" Western Movie Gunrigs During the golden-age of Hollywood "B" western movies (1930's & 1940's) heros and singing cowboys wore very fancy single and double holster Buscadaro gunbelts that were totally cinema creations and bore no resemblance to anything worn by real working cowboys of the old west. Many of these elaborate sets came from the shop of Edward H. Bohlin. Because these items are usually one of a kind creations that we calaborate on or they are copies of the rigs worn by Hoppy, Roy, Gene, et al, You and I must discuss your wants before we settle on a price. These can get expensive depending on the amount of decoration and precious metals you want to hang around your hips. Just one classic "B" western set is shown which utilizes hundreds of gold plated dots and two silver dollar conchas. $sample shown
Complete Bat Masterson Sets The unique cross draw holster used by Gene Barry in the 1950's TV show and the other appropriate acessories can be made to order. Holsters are $55.00, bullet loop belt slides for 12 cartridges are $30.00 and straight belts, your choice of from 1 1/2" to 2" wide, are $30.00. For guns with up to 7 1/2" barrels. $sample shown
Deluxe Western Holster & Belt This set is made in natural tan and both holster and gunbelt is fully lined with suede. The holster fits a single action army revolver with 4 3/4" barrel and sports a silver plated concha on the retainer strap. The belt measures 36" to the center hole with adjustment for sizes 34 to 38. It has 24 .44/.45 cal. bullet loops , an engraved silver plated buckle and two silver plated conchas that secure the bullet loop strips to the belt. Like everything else I make, this is completely hand sewn. The holster is my own design. $265.00
Dress Gunbelt & Holster Set. This holster is for a single action army revolver with a 4 3/4" barrel. A cast, high relief, silver plated concha is set onto the retainer strap. The gunbelt has 5 matching silver plated conchas and a matching "ranger" buckle set. There are 6 .44/.45 cal. bullet loops. This rig is done in the style of the western movies of the 1930's and 1940's. The belt measures 37" to the center hole and is adjustable from size 35 to 38. $165.00
The Chestnut Ridge This one of my own designs that I believe allows the cowboy action shooter to have a traditionally styled holster that offers the ability to re-holster quickly during those timed events. This example fits a single action army revolver with a 4 3/4" barrel. It has a double row of border tooling and a small silver plated, engraved concha set onto the retainer strap. $68.00
The Moran Brothers This holster is named for the pair of leather crafters who set up shop in 1880's Montana. This example has been slightly modified to accept the adjustable sight of a 4 5/8" or 5 1/2" Ruger Blackhawk or the top latch of a 5" Smith & Wesson Schofield. $sample shown
Old West Gunbelts I usually have a selection of gunbelts on hand for immediate shipment. The examples mentioned in this box are all the so- called "Ranger" style belts having a separate billet and chape. They are all medium brown. Please note only the sizes listed are available for shipement. Any other sizes or with different caliber bullet loops would have to be made to your order. 1-A 2 1/2" wide belt measuring 44" to the center hole and adjustable for sizes 41 to 47; 24 .44/.45 cal. bullet loops. 2-A 2 1/2" wide belt measuring 42" to the center hole and adjustable for sizes 39 to 45; 24 .44/.45 cal. bullet loops. 3-A 3" wide belt measuring 44" to the center hole and adjustable for sizes 42 to 46; 24 .44/.45 cal. bullet loops. 4- A 2 1/2" belt measuring 40" to the center hole and adjustable for sizes 37 to 43; 24 .44/.45 cal. bullet loops. REMEMBER: when ordering with the "add to cart" feature you must specify what size belt you want. Prices are $70.00 each. PLEASE: use a tape measure to determine what size gunbelt you require. $call for sizes on hand
The Bill Longley In the late 1950's Edward H. Bohlin added his design to the crop of Hollywood fast draw holsters being utilized by the TV western stars. Bohlin opted to lower the position of his holster with an extra long drop loop on the Buscadaro style belt and a hoilster with a short shank. You will see Rory Calhoun using his black Bohlin rig starting with the second season of his show "The Texan" which ran for 3 seasons on CBS from 1958 to 1960. Calhoun played Bill Longley, an itinerant good guy. The real life Bill Longley was said to have been one of the most brutal and sadistic killer in old west history, he was hanged in Galveston in 1878. Rory Calhoun chose to make his character a hero.A fully lined contoured belt and holster with 24 bullet loops is priced at $375. With border tooling, as shown, $390. For either variation in black, add $15.00. Unlined versions are also available, inquire about pricing. $sample shown

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P.O. Box 70
Walland, TN 37886-0070
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