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Product Description Image Price
Standard Priming Horn These match the antiqued large and medium standard horns. They range from 6" to about 8 1/2". The horn shown is 8 1/4. There is an open stock on these, all at the same price. Sets matched at your request and sizes picked to suit your taste. $28.00
Large Deluxe Powder Horn # C-359. Here is a 17" horn with a very attractive twist made for the Long Hunter or Long Range Scout. A carved end spout and turned base plug with an acorn finial are at opposite ends of the brown stained body. For left side wear. $90.00
Deluxe Priming Horn 6 1/2" (length of the horn not counting the base plug) scrimshaw white horn. The carving matches the large deluxe horns with the fluted style spout end. (#C609) $55.00
Deluxe Priming Horn 4 1/2" antique brown horn with carving to match deluxe large horns with the fluted style spout end. (#C200) $55.00
Deluxe Priming Horn A 6" horn (Horn size not including the base plug) with the same deluxe style carving that matches other large horns shown elsewhere on the site. (#C250) $55.00
Deluxe Priming Horn 7" length. Same deluxe style carving that matches other large horns already posted on the site. (#C256) $55.00
13" Deluxe Powder Horn A beautiful deep brown old looking stain color on this neutral shaped horn that allows comfortable carry on right or left side. Fluted carving at the spout end and scalloped engrailing at the transition from horn body to recessed spout end. (#C270) $105.00
13" Deluxe Powder Horn Neutral twist for wear on either side. Nicely carved spout end. #C-322 $85.00
9 1/2" Standard Powder Horn Neutral twist for carry on either side. #SM-2 $38.00
14 1/2" Simple Powder Horn A long but not too wide horn. Nice colors. Right side. Carved spout end.(#C-260) $45.00
Priming Horns I have twenty (20) priming horns not already individually listed on the site. The photo shows a sample of them. The styles and prices are similar to those already described. Only the sizes and colors vary. If you want more information on these priming horns please ask. $
Powder Horn Set These standard-style horns are matched for color and shape. The main horn measures 9 1/2 inches and has a VERY slight twist for right side carry, but it could be worn comfortably on either side. The priming horn measures 5 1/2 inches (measurements do not include base or spout plugs). Brown stain. (#StdSet072) $70.00

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