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Gun belts and holsters - April 2016

Only those items with a price shown in the upper right corner of the description box are made up and available for immediate purchase. What you see described is what I can send you now. See right hand and need a left handed holster? See a brown holster and want a black? See something for a 4 3/4" barrel anmd need something for a 7 1/2" gun? Those would have to made especially for you, to your specifications. All other hol,sters, etc. shown with the notation "Sample Shown" are simply samples of past work and what you can order anyway your little cowboy heart desires. Questions? Please let me know. Preferrably by email, or the old fashioned way: telephone.

The holsters with prices shown are most often offered at the old prices. Please request a current list by email to see the menu of
options and how to price out a belt or holster.

Corner Corner
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